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Drug Prevention Activities: As a group, Scientologists are 100% drug-free and work tirelessly to help others discover the hope and promise of a drug-free life. So, from Germany to Denmark, France to Ireland, one finds Scientologists from all walks of life vigorously supporting drug education and prevention programmes aimed at keeping young people from ever starting to take drugs.

St. Petersburg
Volunteer Scientologists have held tens of thousands of “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” events throughout Europe; in Hungary (directly above) popular drug lectures to schoolchildren promote drug-free living. Also shown above, drug prevention booklets and educational materials are distributed in communities across the continent.
  • In Denmark, members of the “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Association have taken on the task of informing Members of Parliament, city officials, police chiefs and other community leaders on their successful drug education programme, and are working with these officials to broaden the campaign.

    They visit more than 350 cafes, dance halls, libraries, pharmacies and police stations every week and have distributed more than 700,000 drug education booklets.

    With thousands of signatures on the “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Honour Roll, Scientologists throughout Denmark have also spearheaded the creation of school environments entirely free from drugs, where students and teachers pledge to permit no tolerance of drugs and to promote their school as drug-free.

  • In Switzerland, drug prevention events have regularly been held in Zurich, Lucerne, Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and other cities, at which Scientologists have distributed more than 600,000 drug education booklets, earning the support of law enforcement as well as state and federal Members of Parliament.

    Dozens of teachers in Swiss schools use the drug education booklets in their classes. Teachers and administrators order them in large quantities to distribute to their pupils. Police stations have ordered thousands of copies of the booklets for distribution in their stations and anti-drug info stands. The booklets are also found in shops, physicians’ waiting rooms and sports clubs.

  • Scientologists in Greece sponsor a project called “Do a good deed against drugs” through which they hold “Say No to Drugs” events throughout the country, involving police and local, state and federal government officials. The Church recently released its latest booklet, “Children and Drugs: What to do?” for community distribution.

  • In the Russian Federation, churches of Scientology organise anti-drug events, concerts and government-sponsored conferences to educate young people and adults on how to live drug-free and encourage others to do the same. Every week volunteers distribute thousands of drug abuse awareness publications in public squares in and around Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    With a drug epidemic running out of control, the church’s anti-drug campaign in Russia has met with widespread support from officials and the general public. Tens of thousands of events have been held and drug prevention materials distributed encouraging young people to turn away from drugs.

  • Scientologists in Canada operate a national “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” campaign that has gained the support and participation of top government officials. For example, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs said he is “especially grateful for the job the Church of Scientology is doing in educating people on the drug problem.” Regional and local commanders of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have ordered copies of the Church’s booklets for use in their own drug awareness efforts.

  • South African Scientologists inaugurated a “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” Honour Roll, with events at schools, clubs and other organisations. Tens of thousands of South Africans have signed the honour roll, including mayors from Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Soweto. Schoolteachers participate in the “Drug-Free Marshals” programme, and thousands of youth are sworn in and engaged in weekly activities including essays and lectures about the dangers of drug use.


    The industry of Scientologists in the battle against drug abuse has been widely recognised. Scores of cities throughout the world have issued special commendations to the Church for its anti-drug work. From Dublin to Athens, from Madrid to Stockholm to Milan, from Moscow to Pretoria, and all across the United States, Canada and Australia, city governments have recognised the value of the efforts of Scientologists in this area. In fact, wherever one finds a Church of Scientology, one will find Scientologists making a concerted effort to turn youths and adults away from drugs.

    In response to the dramatic increase in demand for these anti-drug activities, the Church has recently established the Foundation for a Drug-Free Europe to coordinate anti-drug public awareness campaigns throughout the European Union and to acquire new partnerships in the battle against drug abuse.

    The booklets and materials of these programmes are freely available to anyone who wishes to use and distribute them. For more information, contact the Church of Scientology International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights or your nearest Church of Scientology. A complete listing is provided at the back of this booklet.

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